Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just trying to get started...

I decided to wait until we received our referral from China to start an "official" blog. Yesterday we received our Letter of Acceptance for our third child..."Emily Love Yang Barnard". So it was time to start journaling. Writing is honestly not my "cup of tea" but I absolutely love following other families that have been on this journey and wanted to share ours. So, here I go! Many of you have been on this journey with us from the beginning, 3 1/2 years ago, and I know you are rejoicing that this day has finally arrived! Thank you for all your support through the years of waiting! We are so excited and are eagerly anticipating bringing our baby home soon! We still do not know the travel date but it has been estimated that we will go sometime late summer. Some days that seems so far away and other days like it's right around the corner. Please keep praying as there is still so many "unknowns". We continue to give God complete glory for this precious life that He has chosen before the creation of the world to be a part of our family...we are truly blessed!


  1. I cannot wait to squeeze and kiss Miss Emily Love. She's gonna love the family dance parties :)

  2. We are friends with Jeb & Shelli. I just got off the phone with Shelli, and she told me all about your journey to your little girl. I would be so delighted if we were able to travel from AR to China together!! What a small world! Our little guy has CL/CP, too, and is currently almost 9 months old. We haven't received our LOA yet, but received our PA on 5/25. So, we're a few weeks behind you but are still holding out hope to travel in the August or September group.
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  3. I love your blog! And I am so thankful that the Lord is allowing us to journey together (well, not quite as "together" as we would have wished) to get our little girls.