Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing "Emily Love"...

These are the first photos of our baby girl. The small photo was before her cleft lip repair (we are amazed every time we look at the "before and after"). We will schedule her bilateral cleft palate repair surgery 2 months after she is home.
Take notice of her "split pants"...these are very common in China and are used for potty funny!


  1. Beautiful. She is so fortunate to have her as her family! Can't wait to meet her!

  2. Hey Julie!

    I'm not sure if you remember meeting me one night at one of the Alive After Five nights, but I go to church with ya ;)

    Anyway, I've been interning/volunteering with The CALL and I have seen the Barnards info pop up a bunch while I'm working.

    I'm so inspired by your family. You guys are beautiful and I can't wait for the day you meet Emily <3


  3. What a beautiful little girl! We just had Abigail's palate re-repaired. I showed Abby the pictures of Emily you have here and she said, "I think I know her." To which I asked, "Really, who is she?" Her response was, "Uhh...Maybe a I was."
    Too cute! Can't wait to follow your trip!
    Where is she in China?