Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun photos

Our precious gift...

the kids in their outfits from China

Emily's first visit to Krispy Kreme...

Yes, that's a banana...banana first, then donuts! :)

"quick take the photo...Emily is actually happy while Daddy is holding her"

already listening to itunes :)


  1. such sweet pics! so glad yall are home & doing well. :)

  2. Love the photos! If Emily's bonding experience is anything like Abby's, one day she soon it will be like she just decided to become best friends with her daddy. One day after we were home Abigail just wanted to sit with her daddy and watch Signing Time. She spent the entire morning with him and cried when he had to leave to go make some hospitals visits. It really was amazing how it just happened one day...and now she tells him everyday when he comes home that she missed him :)

  3. Love to see photo's once kids are happy at home! We can not wait to post our own next month when we get back from China with our son Keaton.
    Emily looks very happy and bonding well with the family.

    Christy and Kevin

  4. Thanks for sharing these. It is amazing how kids' hearts are big enough to love someone they have never met so quickly. We will be praying for your family. What a beautiful story. Loved Brandon's sermon... Kathryn

  5. Can't wait to see more pictures & hear your adoption sermon tomorrow morning at FBC Benton! Thanks for updating the blog, it's always so nice to hear how things are progressing with a new family member.