Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a step closer to home

We are packing again...our big dilemma is if we are going to have to purchase another suitcase to get all our things home??? We definitely over packed(a bad habit of mine) for our trip out here and we are somehow going home with more. But the problem for me (Julie) is that if I don't buy that certain item now, it's not like I can just run back over to China and pick it up later. :) We are just thankful to be one step closer to going home!

We haven't blogged much since being in Guangzhou, but our time here has been really good. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, being here with all the other adopting families has been encouraging and fun. We have shared a moment in time together and our fellowship has been sweet. Time at the White Swan has consisted of good eating, great shopping (actually too much), lots of playing with Emily and late night Magnum ice cream bars! Due to our numerous shopping excursions, Julie and I are starting to speak broken English to one another and we keep hearing in our sleep, "I give you best price." The good thing is that everything we are buying is made in China. :)

On a serious note, we have seen Emily come alive here and it has been a wondrous sight. She has laughed and played and shown a side of her personality that is engaging and funny. Unfortunately, she is still resistant to me (Brandon), but has welcomed me into her world at certain times throughout the day. We continue to pray for bonding to happen and believe it will come in time.

Today was a particular special day as we made the journey to the U.S. Consulate and signed the last official document and swore an oath to become the legal parents of Emily Love Yang Barnard! We really do love her and we are so blessed to be her parents. Can't wait to get her home and reunited with her brother and sister! We will try to post one more blog before leaving, but it may not happen. If not, we look forward to introducing you to Emily when we get home. We will probably be in "hiding" for a few days to allow time to be with Caleb and Karis (we sure have missed them!) and to allow Emily time to adjust to her new home.

Signing off from Guangzhou...


  1. Definitely buy the extra luggage. It's cheap (if it won't cost you an arm and a leg on the flight!).

    Praying for you guys and can't wait till you get home.

    The Adcocks

  2. Agree wholeheartedly. We bought an extra suitcase. Needed it. Happy for all of you and excited you are getting to come home.

  3. Julie, Brandon & Emily...received your blog from a mutual friend. SO delighted to read of your journey. We have been home with our Berkeley for 18 months now. Brandon, Berkeley didn't warm up fully to Trey until we'd been home a few weeks...then one day, she was in LOVE with he and her brother. So, give her patience now as soon you will be her #1 love!

    Love the blog...and it is a blessing now to pray for your family as you adjust to your new life together. May it be abundantly good!

    Kathy & Trey Berry

  4. We do not know each other but my Mom lives in Columbia, SC and knows a friend of yours from her gym. We are adopting our son from Baotou City SWI and just got our TA this past week. We will be traveling very soon. She called me with your blog address so I could see pictures from your trip. Our son is 15 months old today 5-21-10, and we will meet him in a couple short weeks (seems like they are taking forever)! Love your blog. Our blog is:
    Christy McCall