Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tired but Good...

As we are wrapping up our day and you are beginning yours, we wanted to give you a brief update. Yesterday morning we had to go back to the adoption office to finalize some of our paperwork. Emily was very worried and uncertain about going back there from the moment we got into the van. She clung to Julie and she was not interested in interacting with anyone. Last night we found a really great restaurant on the 8th floor of a department store. I know...sounds crazy, but it was delicious. Hunan pork, Thai fried rice, fried rice with chicken and pineapple. Complete with a "semi-cold" Coke (it's been almost impossible to find any cold drinks here...we are craving a big Sonic drink). Emily ate like a champ and even giggled and smiled at us. She allowed us to tickle her for a few moments and gave us a glimpse into who we believe she really is. Julie and I were amazed and can't wait to see that side of her more often. We finished off the meal with a little ice cream from McDonald's and headed back to the hotel. We were hanging out with our friends, Paul, Amy and their newly adopted daughter. It was so much fun to share this time with them.

Back at the hotel, Julie bathed Emily (which she really likes) and got her ready for bed. Everyone was ready for bed except Emily! She ended up sleeping great, but it took her awhile to get there. She loves to be held and rocked only by Julie while standing and this has become Julie's new workout! Sometimes at the slightest bending of the knees or touch of the chair and Emily is quick to let us know that she would rather be standing. Last night, after a long cry, she gave in while resting in my arms and it was a sweet feeling. I look forward to the day when that is the natural thing for her to do.

Today we toured a museum with our guide, spent some quality time in the room and had dinner at the same place as last night. Bring on the Hunan! Contrary to last night, we did not get to see Emily "come alive" during dinner, but she still ate well and we enjoyed the time together. She is still adjusting and normally only stops crying when she is eating, sleeping, bathing or if Julie is holding her. She did much better going to sleep tonight and for that we are very thankful. We keep reminding ourselves to take it one step at a time and sometimes those steps are "baby steps".

Please keep praying! There are times discouragement tries to creep in and we know it's not welcome here! We are also missing our oldest two children and cannot wait to have our family together! And of course, pray for sweet Emily and all that she has gone through and is still going through. We are daily asking our Father for wisdom in how to comfort her and how to show her love in a way she can receive it right now.

Look forward to updating you more tomorrow. Good Night from Wuhan City.


  1. Grandad

    Enjoy reading your posts and seeing how things are going and how I can pray more specifically for you , Julie, and Emily. Pray for you every morning as I take my early morning walk. Praying that she will open up more to you, Brandon and that her little heart will sense that both of you love her so much. We anxiously await your arrival home. Mimi can't stand it. She wants to wrap her arms around Emily so bad, and she is already getting the cookies ready. We love ya'll and also Happy Anniversary.

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey as it happens. The emotions are vividly communicated in your blog. Congratulations on your third! Emily is precious.

  3. Hi guys! This is Jenny and Ritchie Baker. We are amazed at your journey as we read it. It is similar to when we got Jaice (our foster baby). Just keep on loving her and persevering! Praying many blessings and smooth roads for you two. Can't wait to see a new "family portrait" when you return and bond as a family!!!!! Emily Love has just joined into an amazing and God-centered family. :) Angels are rejoicing right now for her life and her future!!!!!!

  4. Oh my precious friends. Just so excited for you guys. Jewels....I know that baby girl is already so in love with her precious mommy. U r such a wonderful Mommy! Brandon......I know it's hard shes not a Daddys girl YET but I know when she gets to know ur gentle heart she will cling to her Daddy. Love u both dearly and r continuing to pray for all of u. See y'all next week. Love....Addy

  5. Be Patient. I know that's hard, but she WILL climb into your lap willingly and the hard nights will be forgotten. Alot of change for a little one who has struggled in this world so far. The Lord has put her in a family where He will be honored in her sight. He will bless that a hundredfold. She will come around.

  6. Thanks for sharing!!! Continuing to pray!!!! Love ya'll!!!!

  7. Oh, Y'all!!!! Emily is BEAUTIFUL!!! We can hardly wait to meet her! We are overcome with excitement and joy for you that you are with her and holding her and getting to know and wrap your arms around her. How exciting to see God work this all out for you--thank you for including all of us in your journey and keeping us posted. We love you and can't wait for you to get back home! :)