Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello Guangzhou!

Although it was sad to say goodbye to Wuhan, it was equally awesome to say hello to Guangzhou! What a beautiful city and an incredible hotel. Emily survived her first flight (at least that we know of...) as Julie kept her occupied with snacks and a few toys. Julie and I also found a little comic relief in the guy sitting across the aisle from us. He was having some "nostril" issues and was solving them with his bare hand and his airline blanket, skillfully flicking his content into the aisle beside us and then finishing it off with repeated guttural sounds that made me want to say, "So what are you going to do with that now?" Fortunately, I was able to preserve this moment with our handy dandy flip camera and it should provide hours of enjoyment in the future. After sitting that close, Julie and I felt like we needed a lysol wipe. Anyway, the flight was not that bad. However, it was only a little over an hour. The big one looms ahead in the future.

Upon arriving in Guangzhou, we were glad to see all the other families that are in our adoption party. Lots of hugs, smiles, "oh your daughter/son is so cute", and just a unique bond that all of us will share for the rest of our lives. Since we have been here, Emily has opened up a little more and definitely loves her Mama. She is eating and sleeping like a champ and beginning to play like one too. Our hotel has a great playroom and we have even ventured out into the swimming pool. She loves the water!

Today we had our best play time with Emily. Julie had her smiling and belly laughing and we all sat on the bed and laughed for what seemed like an hour. The window we had into our little girl is becoming a door and we hope soon that it will become wide open spaces. Tonight, we enjoyed a great dinner with Terry Moore and it was an awesome time of fellowship and connecting. Terry took great care of us and we are grateful for his hospitality and friendship. We closed out the night with a couple of ice cream bars (which Emily loves as well), a bath and now bedtime.

We will check in a little later. Goodnight from Guangzhou.

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  1. Abby is from Guangzhou - specifically the Panyu district - so aside from a few days in Beijing we spent almost our entire time there and we loved it! There is a great zoo - they have a panda - which Abby loved.
    We really liked this one little shop on the Island - Jordyn's Place - something like that - anyway, he would write your child's name in Chinese characters free with any purchase. He was a really neat guy.
    Excited to hear Emily is blossoming with you guys! Offering many more prayers for your bonding and especially that LONG flight home :)