Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Gotcha Day" Eve

Our bags are packed and we are going to attempt to get some sleep tonight (it's Sunday night for us). Someone in our group today said tonight feels like Christmas Eve...I would agree but instead it feels like Christmas Eve X One hundred, million, trillon (as Caleb or Karis would say). "Butterflies in my stomach" doesn't even come close to describing the feeling right now. All throughout the day, we would take turns saying to each other, "Can you believe this is finally happening?" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am every bit as excited as I was when it was close to giving birth to our oldest two children...I even think I'm starting to have contractions! Let's just hope my "water doesn't break" on the plane tomorrow. :)
Ok, so the plan for tomorrow is to be on the bus by 5:20 and head to the airport. Our guide said the hotel would pack us a box breakfast, which should be interesting. I'm amazed at what has been on the breakfast buffet (ex. fried rice, pinto beans, lasagna, and other unidentified items). Our flight leaves at 7:30 AM and I think we arrive in Wuhan City at 9:30. A new guide will pick us up and take us to the hotel. This is when we are left hanging a bit because we don't know any details after we arrive. Will we have time to go to our room? Will someone bring Emily to us or will we go to her? One fun thing is we have a couple with our group that will also be going to Wuhan City to pick up there daughter. There is around 19 families in our Bethany group that will all scatter out around the country to different provinces to adopt their children and then we will all meet back in Guangzhou. It has been a lot of fun to get to know these families. There is an immediate bond between all of us which has been a tremendous blessing. We even had a sweet time of sharing and prayer's amazing to see how God has directed these families toward His heart beat of adoption!
Well, I better go try to get some rest (I think an Ambien is a must tonight).

A few quick notes about the photos...
(bottom to top) a fun ride in a rickshaw; Brandon with Chinese teenagers (He has been very popular with the teenagers here, especially the girls. We were told people would probably want to take photos of me because of my light hair...I think Brandon has been stopped more); a baby with the very common split pants and shaved hair (a lot of babies heads are shaved...Karis would die!); Forbidden City; Tianamen Square

We will do our best to post tomorrow night with the photos you are more interested in than these. :) Thank you for all the prayers!


  1. I AM SO EXCITED! YAY!! so close!!! Can't wait to see you guys and Em together! WOOHOO!
    Love love love!

  2. Hey guys, Just like the times before... Don't forget to breathe!!! I so know what you are feeling...ENJOY!!!! We Wilkerson's love You!!!

  3. Thank you for the updates! We are praying for you and can hardly wait to hear that you have little Emily Love in your arms! So sweet to see God at work! Blessings!
    Susan Eavenson

  4. this brings back so many memories. Anticipation is killer, ain't it

  5. Thanks for the update. Celebrating this day as you get our third excited and can't wait to see the pictures and hear about you getting to meet her for the first time. Love that God has brought this precious little girl into our family. Be sure and give her a hug and a kiss from Mimi and Granddad! Love you!

  6. I simply get chills reading this....your life is about to change BIG TIME! I'll never ever forget that feeling and cannot WAIT to be back again..when you are in GZ blow kisses to my baby boy for me..that's where he is! I can't wait to wake up to see you holding that baby girl!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!

  7. hey! we are still up thinking about you guys!!!
    -The Wilkersons

  8. can't wait! sending love from the herndon clan!

  9. Up this morning thinking and praying for you!!!! Can't wait to see that sweet little almond eyed baby girl all "wrapped" in love... Yes, pun was intended. lol. Love...obbie

  10. Prayed for you on my walk this morning - what a wonderful, exciting day!!

    Enjoy the journey,
    wendy donley

  11. Have not been able to stop thinking about you guys! Loving you guys every second and praying for you!

    Corrie Crowley