Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goodbye from Wuhan

Today is our last day in Wuhan. We have received our documents and we will fly into Guangzhou tonight. Yesterday was an eventful day as we were able to visit two meaningful places. Our first stop was Emily's orphanage where she lived for about 2 weeks before being placed in a foster home. Even after that placement, she still maintained contact with the caregivers in the orphanage. From our understanding, she visited at least once a week, or maybe just once a month. Either way, the caregivers we talked with yesterday knew her and spoke highly of her intelligence and her ability to organize (she must get that from Julie!). We saw only the outside of the orphanage and inside the reception office. I think Julie already posted the pictures. Our second site was where Emily was found. The setting was actually quite beautiful and the park was somewhat serene. It was also about 140 degrees (at least it felt that way) so we did not stay long. I think visiting those two sites reminded us just how long Emily's journey has been in just 18 short months of living. We also feel confident that she has been cared for by people who love her and will be even more so now that she is with her forever family.

If you have been following our updates, you know that Emily has certainly taken to Julie (at first out of necessity but more and more because she trusts her) and has been reluctant to connect with me. That still remains true, but we catch glimpses every so often. Last night at supper was one of those moments and again today at breakfast. There was a brief opening into the window of a little girl who loves to laugh and play and be loved in return. We soaked up the moments and then prayed for more to come. All in due time.

Would love to type more, but we are busy packing for our flight later today. Next time we check in, it will be from Guangzhou, the place where it all becomes official.

Thanks for lifting us up to the Father. We feel His pleasure in what we are doing and we feel a deeper appreciation of his adoption of us.

Grace and peace,

Brandon and Julie


  1. Love all of the pictures and updates! You're one step closer to home now that you're in Guangzhou!

  2. Love the updates and pictures...can't wait to see your whole family together...just a few more days and you'll be headed home!
    You've probably had the medical exam by now - which was by far the worst part of all the appointments. Praying that you guys have peaceful rest tonight and that Emily knows she is safe and secure with you.

  3. There are no words -I am so excited for your family! lori chapman